Well-Woman Health Checks

Well-Woman Health Checks

Well Woman health checks are a fantastic and convenient way of assessing your overall health and wellbeing and can help identify early signs of disease.

Early detection of medical issues allows us to work together and be proactive about your health. Together we will explore your current health concerns, previous medical problems, family health issues and current lifestyle.

Please be advised that although health checks offer an easy way of checking your overall health, they do have not predictive value – receiving the “all clear” today does not mean you are not at risk from health problems tomorrow. For some people, the health checks offer a false sense of reassurance, for example, if you are a smoker and everything looks perfect on the scans, you may feel you don’t have to do anything about it. Even though we know one in two smokers will die from a smoking related disease. Health checks do not replace an active and healthy lifestyle.

It is vital you mention any specific health concerns or symptoms to your Doctor. Well Woman health checks are for people without any specific concerns and do not replace a detailed consultation with your doctor about any specific symptoms or health concerns at a given time.


Our Well Woman Health Check requires two appointments – one with the Nurse and one with your Doctor.

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your first appointment to fill in the Well Woman Questionnaire.

Please book the appointments 2 weeks apart. This allows time for test results from appointment one to be sent back to your Doctor. She/he can then go through the results with you when return for your physical examination.

Appointment Who Time Assess
1 Nurse & Doctor 10 minutes for questionnaire


30-45 minutes for tests & consultation

●      Weight, height and calculate your BMI.

●      Blood pressure check.

●      Diet, exercise, cholesterol and general methods to help reduce heart disease.

●      Full blood screen including tests for diabetes, vitamin and iron stores, liver and kidney function, thyroid, cholesterol

●      Urine test will also be carried out

2 Doctor 20 minutes for physical examination and advice ●      Full physical examination

●      Review tests performed in appointment 1

●      Advice on heart disease prevention, cancer prevention / awareness, osteoporosis / calcium etc.


Prior to Your Appointment

Please ensure drink plenty of water prior to your first appointment as you will be asked to provide a urine sample on arrival. You do not need to fast for prior to your appointment time.

Test Results

Results should be available 10-14 days after your appointment when you return for your review appointment with your Doctor she/he will discuss your results then.


The total cost of health checks includes both appointments with your Nurse and Doctor and are payable on the day of your first appointment.

  • Well Woman Health Check is €200

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the extended nature of health screening appointments, patients are required to give 48 hours’ notice of cancellation. Failure to do so may incur a cancellation charge of €50.

Further investigations such as an ECG, or 24 hr. BP monitoring will incur a separate charge.

Please contact Reception on 091 740340 for more information or to book you appointment.


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Content developed from HSE www.hse.ie and NHS Choices www.nhs.uk is adapted for Galway East Medical Practice by Galway East Medical Practice.

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